Thursday, July 20, 2017

In 28% Black Indianapolis, a Funeral Procession for Slain Black Female Interrupted by Black Gunman Leaving Three Blacks Wounded

Imagine living in a 28 percent black city, where almost all the violent crime is committed by this minority population group and yet the police dedicate taxpayer resources to "bridge the gap that often exists between young African-American men and law enforcement." [This IMPD sergeant spent a month undercover at a summer camp, Indy Star, July 11, 2017]

What ends up happening? 

Black gang members open fire on a funeral procession, shooting more than 20 rounds and injuring three people. [3 people, including alleged gang leader, shot during funeral procession for Jasmine Moore,, July 20, 2017]:
Police say three people were shot at a northeast side cemetery Thursday during a funeral procession for a recent murder victim. 
Police responded to the 4000 block of Millersville Road around 4 p.m. Thursday after at least 20 shots were fired. 
The shooting happened during the procession for Jasmine Moore, 28, who was killed last week in a shooting on the west side outside of Long’s Bakery. As the procession approached Southerland Park Cemetery, men in a white GMC or Chevrolet pickup truck opened fire. 
One of the victims has been identified as Richard Grundy III, the alleged leader of a local drug gang. He is Moore’s cousin.
Two women were also injured in the shooting. Police say one was shot in the head and the other was shot in the leg. All of the victims are expected to survive. 
Property damage was also reported to homes and at least four cars. 
“How dare you not respect his family?” Asked witness Jordan Easton. “Give them some peace and let them breathe. Respect them. Respect their privacy.” 
Easton said children and their mothers were hitting the ground as shots rang out. 
“This city is wicked. This city needs to be prayed over. This city needs help,” said Easton. “I’m thankful that I go to school out of town but I would just tell anybody that has the opportunity to leave Indianapolis, leave.” 
In 2014, Grundy was jailed along with several associates as investigators sought to break up what they described as a murderous drug ring. 
Those murder charges against Grundy were dropped and other charges against his associates were reduced. Grundy still faces counts of drug dealing, corrupt business influence and criminal gang charges. He's currently free on bond on a related case and drug charges out of Texas. 
Grundy was thought to be the target of that shooting as retaliation for the murder of a man in Zionsville this spring. 
"This is something that will not be tolerated anywhere in the city, said IMPD officer Jim Gillespie. "When we have multiple people shot it raises concerns that we are not going to slide by in any case, so they can expect quick justice on this."
Indianapolis is not a wicked city.

Indianapolis doesn't need to be prayed over.

Indianapolis doesn't need help.

In 1990, Indianapolis was nearly 80 percent white.

Today, the white population hovers around 58 percent, while the black population of the city - 28 percent - produces individuals who open fire on a funeral procession (as well as a 15-year-old who kills three black males in another episode of the endless "cycle of violence" black clergy/community leaders rail against).

Jim Crow and segregation wasn't about supremacy or discrimination. It was simply about protecting white people and their posterity from... the type of behavior found in Indianapolis courtesy of its 28 percent black population.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Her Name is Justine Damond: Why are there Somalians in America?

We have resettled 1.2 percent of the entire population of Somalia to the United States of America. 


To deliberately destroy social capital? 
Dead by diversity: a white immigrant killed by a Somali diversity hire in the Minneapolis Police Department...


To ask the question is to know the answer. [Somali immigrant cop Mohamed Noor, who shot Justine Damond, was 'highly celebrated' by Minneapolis mayor in 2015, Fox News, 7-18-17]:
The Somali-born Minnesota police officer alleged to have shot and killed an unarmed Australian woman on Saturday had been lauded by Minneapolis’ mayor and feted by the local community when he joined the force in 2015. 
“I want to take a moment to recognize Officer Mohamed Noor, the newest Somali officer in the Minneapolis Police Department,” Mayor Betsy Hodges wrote in a Facebook post when Noor began serving the city. “Officer Noor has been assigned to the 5th Precinct, where his arrival has been highly celebrated, particularly by the Somali community in and around Karmel Mall.” 
In fact, The Washington Post reported that community threw a party for Noor – the first Somali-American officer to serve in the precinct. Minneapolis is home to one of the nation's largest Somali communities. 
“He came to the United States at a young age and is thankful to have had so many opportunities,” Thomas Plunkett, Noor’s attorney, said Monday. “…For him, being a police officer is a calling.”
Unarmed Australian white woman, Fox News. Fixed it for you. 

When I saw Blackhawk Down in theaters, my immediate reaction was, "we should have absolute nothing to do with that nation and do everything possible to keep Somalians from coming to the USA."

Those in control of not just our foreign policy but migration/immigration/resettlement policy decided they wanted to encourage 1.2 percent of the entire population of Somalia to come to America...

Remember when Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton blasted white Minnesota citizens who were worried about massive immigration/demographic change in the state (largely due to Somali resettlement)? 

Here's what he said“Our economy cannot expand based on white, B+, Minnesota-born citizens. We don’t have enough."

Justine Damond, the 40-year-old white woman from Australia, called police to report a suspected rape. The last thing this immigrant (not just some "B+, Minnesota-born citizen") would see on earth was a Somali police officer pointing a gun at her. 

Why are there Somalians in America again? 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Police Working to Stop Black Crime in Maryland via... Sailing?

What happens when your city is crippled by black crime

What do you do?

Sadly, the St. Louis Police Department has sunk to a new low.

Because black people commit crime so indiscriminately and frequently in St. Louis, police interact with individuals of this violence-prone community far more often than with the white community; thus is born Operation Polar Cops... [St. Louis Police Department unveils 'Operation Polar Cops' truck,, July 26, 2016]
Another attempt to stop black crime: police bonding with black youth through... sailing

We thought this was a new low for police trying to deter black criminality. 

We were wrong. [Anne Arundel, Annapolis police build bonds with community through sailing, Baltimore Sun, July 18, 2017]:
Nabila Hinton isn’t quite sure how she feels about the police. 
From her perspective, police officers seem to be about locking people up. But even so, the 14-year-old girl said she’s a fan of Cpl. Allen Marcus, who spent the weekend sailing with her on the Chesapeake Bay. 
Officers from the Anne Arundel County and Annapolis police departments paired up with Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating to lead about 15 kids through a weekend sailing camp. 
“When some of these kids are coming up, all they know is that nobody likes the police,” said Marcus, a 16-year veteran of the Anne Arundel department. “Now they have the chance to see us in another light — to see that we do care about them.” 
Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating — or CRAB — has been running the free camp for a few years, executive director Paul Bollinger said. The group aims to provide people with disabilities, wounded veterans and disadvantaged youth opportunities to get out onto the water. 
Volunteers showed the kids how to steer the boats and tie complex knots, and went over the names of the different parts of the boat. 
Before heading out on the water Sunday morning, Bollinger drew a sketch of a sail boat on a dry-erase board and encouraged the kids to shout out when he was pointing to the jib, tiller or keel. 
“Many of these kids have never been out on the Chesapeake Bay, which is the greatest natural resource in Maryland,” Bollinger said. “They build confidence, expand their knowledge and learn how to work as a team.” 
And the bonds built with officers are of paramount importance, he said. 
“When they go back into their communities and see police, it’s not ‘uh oh,’ but rather, ‘look who’s here,’” Bollinger said. 
The officers picked the kids up from their homes each morning and drove them to Sandy Point State Park in their marked police cars. Eleven-year-old Justice Spiker said he enjoyed the car ride because Officer Brian Slattery let him play with the lights and use the radar gun. 
“Camps like these show we’re not all about arresting people or beating them up,” Slattery said. “We’re the same as everyone else. It might give the kids the chance to see we like to have fun, too.” 
On Sunday, the camp attendees employed the skills they learned the day before and took to the water to race against against each other. 
Each boat was filled by a few kids, a police officer and a CRAB volunteer. The officers and the kids sported the same light-blue T-shirts, topped by life vests. 
The group on Marcus’ sail boat struggled to catch a strong wind. The sailors tried different strategies to get moving. 
When tensions started to heat up, the officer reminded the three kids onboard that “we’re all a team here.” 
Near the end of a race, as their boat fell to second-to-last place, 13-year-old Kani Smith turned to Marcus. 
“We should just give up,” he said. 
“We never give up,” Marcus responded.
Cue the Styx... "come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me."

Monday, July 17, 2017

400+ Black Teens in Philadelphia Surround Police Officers in Their Cars, Jumping on Them as Reminder Who Controls City

It's fitting on the day George Romero passed away, this happens. 

More police interacting with black criminals equals a greater risk of The Happening occurring. 

More police interacting with large numbers of black people, particularly unruly black youth, equals an even greater risk of The Happening occurring. [Hundreds Of Teens Confront Philly Police Following Barbecue At Recreation Center, CBS Philadelphia, 7/17/17]:
What started as a weekend barbecue at a recreation center led to an aggressive encounter with Philadelphia police officers.
Around 400 teens in an unauthorized gathering confronted police outside the Lonnie Young Recreation Center in Germantown Sunday night. 
Police say it all began after 6 p.m. When officers arrived, they found the large crowd on the sidewalk and in the street, as most were estimated to be between 12 and 17 years old. 
Councilwoman Cindy Bass said the following about the incident Monday: “It is clear that this situation highlights a serious need in the City of Philadelphia. One of the things I hear time and time again from our youth is that they do not have anything to do, especially in the summer. While the City has done a commendable job in providing a wide range of activities and programming, we need to do more. Much more. Could this have been prevented if we had extended recreation center programs into Sunday afternoon/evening? What are we doing to connect our young people to available job opportunities?  As both a councilwoman and chair of the committee that oversees the city’s parks and recreation system, it is my job to figure out what we need and how to get resources directed to those that need it the most.” 
Officers said glass bottles were thrown at them. Publicly available videos on social media show the teens surrounding officers in their vehicles, hopping on top of cars and generally taunting police. 
Myles Nicholson and his friends had the idea to have a barbecue behind the recreation center. It was meant to be something positive for the community. 
“There’s nothing out here for us, but to get in trouble,” said Nicholson. “So we were just trying to make something for everybody to come out and have fun and get together. ” 
Police commanders made the decision not to make any arrests, as to not escalate the situation, and the crowd disbursed within in few hours. 
“There’s no reported injuries to police, no reported arrests, and there’s no reported injuries to civilians at this time,” Capt. Drew Techner with Philadelphia Police said.  
“We closed the Lonnie Young Rec Center for the night after all of this. We’re concerned all the juveniles may re-gather in the same location that they started out. 
We for their own safety want them home.” 
However, the crowd never did reassemble. Techner also has a message for those responsible for all the young people gathered in Germantown Sunday night. 
“Parents need to be aware that when they’re sending their juveniles out,” Techner said. “I know it’s nice to get the fresh air, and be out with their friends on a summer night. But parents have to be aware of what their kids are doing, who they are with, and what they’re getting involved in. They need to be home at a decent hour.” 
The teens that hosted the barbecue say they have learned a few lessons after Sunday’s incident. 
They want to have another barbecue, and keep something positive going in the community. This time they’re going to try and do it with the city’s help. They are going to reach out and try and get a permit.
Officers said glass bottles were thrown at them. Publicly available videos on social media show the teens surrounding officers in their vehicles, hopping on top of cars and generally taunting police...

More police interacting with black criminals equals a greater risk of The Happening occurring. 

More police interacting with large numbers of black people, particularly unruly black youth, equals an even greater risk of The Happening occurring. 

On a Sunday night in Philadelphia, The Happening almost happened. 

That is how oh-so-close the American experiment is to ending for good.